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1. What makes Union Savings unique?

Union Savings is the only not-for-profit, union run members’ benefit program in Canada. We are governed by a Board of Directors, made up of volunteer union representatives, who guide the direction of the organization.

Union Savings regularly evaluates each program's value, price and features with other similar programs to ensure that your union members are getting the best deal possible.

We also value social responsibility and supporting the labour movement.

2. Do union member dues support Union Savings?

No, all costs associated with governance, administration and promotion of Union Savings are 100% covered by funds negotiated from commercial partners.

3. Who is eligible for the benefits?

Current and retired union members and their families are automatically eligible for their Union Savings benefits.

4. How do union members join Union Savings?

Union members from participating unions are automatically eligible for their Union Savings benefits.

5. Why doesn't my union offer all the Union Savings benefits?

Union Savings allows each union to select which benefits it wants to participate in, allowing individual unions to address its members’ needs and interests. If you feel you'd benefit from a program that your union doesn't offer, you can contact your union to express your interest.

6. My union is interested in becoming a member of Union Savings. Where do I begin?

Unions interested in becoming members of Union Savings can contact our Director of Affiliate and Partner Relations, Jeremy Salter, at jsalter@unionsavings.ca or 647-285-1179.

7. You offer valuable benefits, but I'm not a union member. How can I join or start a union?

Please contact the Canadian Labour Congress for information on how and why people join unions.

8. What do I do if I have a question or concern?

Contact us at 1-800-418-2990 or email us at unionsavings@unionsavings.ca.

9. My company is interested in partnering with Union Savings. How can I participate?

Providers interested in joining Union Savings can contact our Executive Director, Jeremy Salter, at jsalter@unionsavings.ca or 647-285-1179.

10. How can I promote Union Savings to my membership?

Please visit the Resources page to access resources for participating unions. You can also contact our Assistant Director, Affiliate Relations, Freeyelle Mehari, to order materials at fmehari@unionsavings.ca or 416-434-4251.