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Affiliate Unions & Labour Organizations

Union Savings Eligibility

For you to enjoy the Union Savings Benefit Programs© described on this web site, you must be a member of a union or labour organization that is an affiliate of Canadian Union Advantage Benefits Program (CUABP). The following list shows all Union Savings affiliates as of January 17, 2014. Many affiliated organizations make all Union Savings benefits available to their members but not all programs and services are available to all affiliates. Exclusions for individual unions are indicated below.

There are also several geography based exclusions that apply to members of all Union Savings affiliated labour organizations. RBC auto insurance is not available in provinces with government run auto insurance plans - Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

For union leaders wanting to provide additional discounts and savings to your members, register with Union Savings by contacting Jeremy Salter, Executive Director, at or 647-285-1179