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Union Savings Canada is a nonprofit Canadian organization committed to offering labour union members and their families exclusive brand discounts and benefits. We operate a closed portal and serve over 2 million union members across Canada. The union members work in diverse sectors and industries, such as a variety of skilled trades, healthcare, government, hospitality, public service workers, and entertainment workers.

As a registered nonprofit organization, above all else, our primary objective is to secure the most competitive rates and discounts for our members. We do not collect union dues from members or charge members fees for portal access.

Exclusive Opportunities

Through targeted email campaigns and paid digital advertising, the Union Savings platform provides your brand a unique opportunity to market your product or service to our highly engaged and targeted Canadian demographic. We are keen to market the best brands and services to our members and generate return on your investment.

Union members must be logged in to their Union Savings account to view exclusive offers from our brand partners. This ensures that your offer remains targeted and secure from overuse.

Union Savings provides member discounts and cost-saving services to over 190 Canadian labour unions.

Key Demographic Factors

65% of our demographic is female ranging from 30-55 years old

70% of our members are parents.

20% are over the age of 55 years old.

We send 2-3 newsletters per month with an open rate of 50-65%

Our contests attract 5,000-13,000 participants each round

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