Union Savings has more than 140 participating unions representing national, provincial and local unions from coast to coast.

Why join the Union Savings program

As Canada’s only not-for-profit, union run, members’ discount program, you can feel confident that the programs Union Savings offers will provide real savings to your members.

We currently work with over 140 different labour unions across Canada ranging from large public and private sector unions to small regional associations and locals.

With almost two million individual members, Union Savings leverages its strength in numbers to negotiate savings and discounts for union members and their families. We provide a wide variety of discounts and services to help your members, retirees and their families save.

When member experience benefits outside of the workplace, as well as inside, the value of their membership is enhanced.

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As the only not-for-profit, union run members’ benefit program in Canada you can be assured that Union Savings is looking out for your members’ best interest. Unions can use the Union Savings’ program as an engagement tool for organizing and retention. When union members experience benefits outside of the workplace as well as inside the workplace the value of their membership is enhanced.

There are no fees for the union to join and no fees for the member to participate in the program. All costs associated with governance, administration and promotion of the benefits program are 100% covered by funds negotiated from commercial partners.

No upfront cost from the member – Members pay nothing to access the discounts of Union Savings. The only time a member of a union pays is when they make a purchase.

No membership list needed. Membership verification is done by each service provider at the point of sale.

Some unions have negotiated other deals with other service providers. We want to be able to provide as much choice to your members as possible so they can save the most money as possible. Union Savings allows your union to pick and choose the products and services that you wish to offer your members. The program can be customized to reflect the needs of your union.

The program is open to Union members, retirees and their families. Members can create an account on our website or call our 1800# to access the discounts. Both are available in French and English.

The program includes discounts for union members on Insurance, Financial, Travel, Retail, Entertainment, Wellness and Services.

Union Savings provides services tailored to Unions and locals which includes shipping solutions, office supplies, union management software, union made promotional products, commercial insurance and much more.

How we promote is up to you – Each union is different, and we respect that. We take our lead from you about how you want to promote the program to your members. All materials produced are yours to use free of charge. We also don’t need you to promote every program if you don’t want to.

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