Union Savings has more than 70 participating unions representing national, provincial and local unions from coast to coast.

With over a million individual members, Union Savings leverages its strength in numbers to negotiate savings and discounts for union members and their families.

How can Union Savings help my union?

As the only not-for-profit, union run members’ benefit program in Canada you can be assured that Union Savings is looking out for your members’ best interest. Unions can use the Union Savings’ program as an engagement tool for organizing and retention.

When union members experience benefits outside of the workplace as well as inside the workplace the value of their membership is enhanced.

All costs associated with governance, administration and promotion of the benefits program are 100% covered by funds negotiated from commercial partners. No union dues are required to be part of the program further saving your members money.

What if our union has our own programs?

Some unions have negotiated other deals with other service providers. We want to be able to provide as much choice to your members as possible so they can save the most money as possible. Union Savings allows your union to pick and choose the products and services that you wish to offer your members. The program can be customized to reflect the needs of your union.

How to promote Union Savings to my members

You can contact our Assistant Director, Affiliate Relations, Freeyelle Mehari, to order materials at fmehari@unionsavings.ca or 647-456-3475.

How to join

If you would like to provide additional discounts and savings to your members, register with Union Savings by contacting Amir Bashir, Executive Director, at abashir@unionsavings.ca or 416-500-4796. Click here to see if your union is a registered affiliate.